LIFTYVITY® is specially formulated for the skin of the face. LIFTYVITY® acts against the flaccidity and sagging of the skin improving elasticity and firmness by enhancing the Elastin and Collagen synthesis in the dermis Extracellular Matrix.

The face skin is, histologically, different than the rest of the body. It is critical to bear in mind its thickness and special physiology in order to apply the right ingredients to get the best results without causing any damage or side effects.

The formulation of LIFTYVITY® is critically adjusted to the precise physiologic values of the face. Also, the lyophilized form is a new-fangled presentation that allows mixing all the ingredients in stable conditions for long time and, as it is reconstituted, to go fresh to face skin, fact that is crucial in this type of application.

LIFTYVITY® is indicated for Women or Men over 35 years.

Main indications:
LIFTYVITY® is a very efficient product to get strong lifting effect.
The advanced main actives combination of LIFTYVITY® presents Botox like results, helping in the event of sagging skin, slackening jawline or lack of skin tightness and tone.

Other indications:
LIFTYVITY® formula helps to smooth expression lines (crow’s feet worry lines or frown lines) and to improve skin vitality and luminosity.
These are advisable therapeutic uses. The ingredients of products may allow the Physician to apply them under professional criteria. The Physician may find the product optimal to treat other aesthetic issues.

Treatment areas:
LIFTYVITY® administration should be done under the supervision of or by Physician or Registered Nurse, applying the best technique available in each case.

10 ingredients to act against the flaccidity of the face skin, one of the first signs of aging:

Main Actives, 6 BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES: Hexapeptide-8, Hexapeptide-30, Oligopeptide-62, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Pentapeptide-18.

2 Bio-Factors: Hyaluronic Acid (medical injection grade IP05K®) and Peptides of Collagen.

liftyvity-antes      liftyvity-despues

The only way to get significant lifting effect is by promoting synthesis of Collagen de novo.

LIFTYVITY® boosts the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin by combination of 6 Mimetic Biotech Peptides with Peptides of Collagen:

  • The use of Collagen Peptides stimulates the synthesis of this molecule. LIFTYVITY® is totally well tolerated by face skin and it has got many different peptides, all related with Collagen, that revert the action of Metalloproteinases and Collagenases and promotes its synthesis de
  • LIFTYVITY® increases Collagen and Elastin gene expression: Collagen and Elastin are the main protein of the Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM), they are the structure that support the dermis and keep the skin tense and firm.
  • LIFTYVITY® promotes cohesion between Extra-Cellular Matrix (ECM) and Fibroblasts by up-regulation of Fibuline-5, Fibrilin-1 and Integrins: The non adhesion of Fibroblasts to Collagen and Elastin is one of the most important facts that explain the signs of skin flaccidity.
  • The formulation of LIFTYVITY® is biologically adjusted to osmolality and pH values of face skin.

LIFTYVITY® is manufactured using aseptic filling technique under lyophilized presentation in sterile, preservative free and pyrogen free conditions and is intended to be used on several aesthetic techniques, roller, IPL, and other invasive or non-invasive procedures.




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