Booster-PRP, much more platelets and growth factors in a standar blood extraction

The new and promising innovation recovers all available clinical information on PRP treatments.

Every aesthetic community knows that the concentration of growth factors in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) depends on many elements being one of the most relevant, the age of the patient. Despite this and even taking PRP of young people, the concentration of these growth factors is not ideal.

All professionals agree that if they had a method of concentrating or enhancing this PRP, it would be a breakthrough!

In 2016, Messoessence collected information from leading aesthetics professionals and all the scientific documents gathered led to create a project called Booster-PRP, bPRP.

In order to obtain a high concentration of platelets and, therefore, growth factors, it is necessary to cultivate the extraction in a specialized laboratory. This procedure is very complicated because the sample, to be cultivated, must be sent to an external laboratory which implies that this sample leaves the operating room giving rise to regulative problems in addition to the practical and clinical problems inherent to this type of process.

Messoessence focuses, by this Project, in solving this problem. We have very promising results that will allow the physician, in a simple way, to have a product with high platelet content, and therefore PRP, within the clinic or surgery location.

This project multiplies PRP efficiency and availability for aesthetic applications.

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