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lnnovative formula to treat flaccidity and sagging of the skin. Based on actives that promote new synthesis of collagen, elastin and proteoglycans in the dermis, improving the ECM of the skin. Promotes the cohesion between ECM and Fibroblasts by upregula­tion of Fibruline-5, Fibrilin-1 and lntegrins.

PHIRMESSA® acts against loss of Collagen that provoke skin sagging, which is one of the main signs of flaccidity.
PHIRMESSA® recovers skin elasticity and firmness by enhancing the Elastin and Collagen synthesis in the dermis Extracellular Matrix (ECM).

Expression muscles movements, UV lights exposure, pollution and other extrinsic and intrinsic factors can provoke depletion of Collagen and Elastin, the support of the skin. When these molecules disappear, the skin sags down and folds.

The lyophilized form is a breakthrough in the aesthetic field. This presentation allows mixing all the ingredients in stable conditions for long time and, as it is reconstituted, to be fresh administrated, point that should be well considered in this application.


Aging – Tratment zones
Face, neck and cleavage.

Intensive body firming treatment

PHIRMESSA® is indicated for Women or Men over 40 years.
Main indications:
The results obtained with the use of PHIRMESSA® are impressive. It is indicated for wherever part in the body with lack of skin firmness due to the aging process.
PHIRMESSA® is able to create several mechanisms to counteract laxity of skin and hollowing of cheeks due to aging, illness or disease.

Other indications:
PHIRMESSA® can also be used, combined with anti-wrinkles products, to correct expression lines.
These are advisable therapeutic uses. The ingredients of products may allow the Physician to apply them under professional criteria. The Physician may find the product optimal to treat other aesthetic issues.

Treatment areas:
Whole body parts where signs of flaccidity appears, including face, neck and cleavage.
PHIRMESSA® administration should be done under the supervision of or by Physician or Registered Nurse, applying the best technique available in each case.

Main Actives 

Bio-peptides: Tripeptide-5, Tetrapeptide-2, Tripeptide-28, Copper Tripeptide-1, Oligopeptide-24, Tripeptide-29, Hexapeptide-9 and matrikine-mimetic: Tripeptide-38, Tripeptide-1 and Tetrapeptide-7.
Growth Factors: EGF and FGF.
Skin repair and regeneration: Collagen Type III, Hyaluronic Acid and BPB55.
Collagen and elastin synthesis: MPC.
Enhancers of muscle tone: DMAE.

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 Aging – Messo Sterile Lyophilized Product

Efficiency and Professional Safety
Specialized in the creation of effective and safe products, precision and elaboration based on research processes and laboratory innovation of high technological level.

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Intensive body firming treatment, professional information.

PHIRMESSA® has an extraordinary effect thanks to boosting the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin using a combination of 7 Mimetic Biotech Peptides with well-documented firming booster agents.
PHIRMESSA® offers the following actions:
Increase of Collagen and Elastin gene expression: Collagen and Elastin are the main proteins of the Extracellular Matrix. They are the structure that support the dermis and keep the skin tense and firm.
Promoting of the cohesion between Extra-Cellular Matrix and Fibroblasts by up-regulation of Fibuline-5, Fibrilin-1 and Integrins: The non adhesion of Fibroblasts with the Collagen and Elastin is very important to explain the signs of skin sagging.
Increase of the reconstructive effect due to Silicium.
Smoothing effect on the skin and reduction of wrinkle depth.
Improvement of skin elasticity.
Increase in skin thickness.
Recovery of the dermal structure in case of cellulite.
PHIRMESSA® is manufactured using aseptic filling technique under lyophilized presentation in sterile, preservative free and pyrogen free conditions and is intended to be used on several aesthetic techniques, roller, IPL, and other invasive or non-invasive procedures.

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