Esthetic Care Innovation

Messoessence is a Spanish brand, a reference in the sector of High Professional Cosmetics Innovation and Specialized Mesotherapy. Our products are the fruit of a long period of scientifically based study and analysis.

Our claim is a constant Esthetic Care Innovation.

We offer professionals innovative products with high quality, efficiency and safety in the application to patients. All our products are proved and tested so the guarantee of efficiency is assured, the manufactures are carried out complying with Good Manufacturing Practices GMP’s of steryle & Pyrogen free products.

Messoessence has a scientific and medical team for researching of new formulations and treatments which makes our launches unique in the aesthetic market.

Based on our pharma lyophilization technology, we market the latest innovations in medical mesotherapy that allow us for further increase the efficiency and safety of our treatments.


Our mission is to offer professional cosmetic, innovative products with high efficiency and safety in the application to patients. We contribute with the latest advances in research and development in professional cosmetics and with the latest techniques, always from professionalism and scientific seriousness. We want patients to achieve the best aesthetic results with the professional application of our products.

Our dream is to turn Messoessence into a reference company in innovation for High Professional Cosmetics. We are based on the latest advances and developments in professional cosmetics, always from a pharmaceutical point of view, fundamentally in mesotherapy. We want to be the brand chosen by professionals in the industry for our innovation, quality and effectiveness in specialized mesotherapy treatments.

In addition to a constant innovation as our differentiating value, our other standards are scientific professionalism in all processes, seriousness in work well done, respectful relationship with our customers and the ability to constantly adapt our views to changes in our sector.

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