What is Lyophilisation?

viales-liofilizadosLyophilisation is a process that consists in drying a previously frozen product, achieving the sublimation of the ice under vacuum. It is, therefore, the direct passage of ice (solid) to gas (steam), without, at any time, appearing water in its liquid state. A dry, spongy mass of about the same size as the original frozen mass is obtained, improving its stability and being readily re-dissolved in water.

Advantages of the Lyophilisation technique:

  1. The temperature at which the product is subjected is below the one that at which many unstable substances undergo chemical changes.
  2. Due to the low temperature that is operated, the loss of volatile constituents is minimal, the danger of microbial contamination is reduced and the enzymatic preparations do not suffer alterations.
  3. Oxidation phenomena are eliminated, because it operates and it is packed under high vacuum.
  4. The high porosity of the product facilitates a rapid reconstitution by the addition of water or the suitable solvent.
  5. As the remaining moisture is negligible, the product can be stored for an unlimited time, constituting products with long stability.

All these particularities can be summarized in: Optimum stability, Easy, fast and complete solubility, Unlimited conservation, Good protection against harmful external influences, Rapid availability of use.

Advantages versus liquids:

  1. There are products that contain active ingredients that are unstable in solution.
  2. It allows including active ingredients in high concentration: Greater power and greater action.
  3. It allows having a fresh product at the moment of application: There is no alteration of the properties of the active ingredients: A liquid form, and from minute 1, begins to degrade.


The main characteristics of the lyophilized products are:



There are products, like Whitening and Lightening, where the most effective active substances, scientifically proven to achieve these whitening effects, are, by definition, more unstable in liquid. Although they are being put into formulations, the scientific reality is that they will not be present, in the moment of the application, because they are completely unstable and will have been destroyed overtime.

  1. Because it allows us to make products with more therapeutic power for two reasons:

– Allowing us to focus more on key active substances.

– Allowing us to use ingredients that are unstable in liquid ambient.

  1. Because we will always have a fresh product at the moment of application:

– Messoessence is a company that makes Innovation in the Cosmetic Professional Sector and develops this Innovation, with Pharmaceutical concepts / processes, into the world of aesthetics.

– Messoessence use the Pharmaceutical forms (Lyophilized) applied to the world of Professional Mesotherapy-Cosmetics.

– New aesthetic medical products.

– Messoessence is only dedicated to novelties in the world of Mesotherapy and Advanced Aesthetics.

– The ingredients of the formulations are carefully taken and only INGREDIENTS WITH PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE ARE USED.

– All the process is treated very carefully, applying processes that do not alter the ingredients that will be in contact with the skin. It is an important differentiating fact since the application of pharmaceutical processes to the Mesotherapy industry is a great advance compared to the commercialized today.

– All our products are produced using Aseptic Filling, which is a procedure only available to companies with great pharmaceutical know-how in the area of sterile products manufacture.

– The doctors and the aesthetic professionals have at their disposal products with high quality standards and great technological and scientific base that guarantee / ensure the effectiveness of treatments and safety.

– The most novel products are those that use this technique (Aseptic Filling) and then undergo a process of Lyophilisation. Through this process, we get products with more power, which care more for the alteration of the ingredients and have the advantage that the Physician uses the product with the properties of a freshly made product.

– We put in lyophilized  form, products that, by definition, can never be in liquid ambient due to the significant alteration that their ingredients suffer.

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