Medical Mesotherapy, a new concept!

lyoIn the year 2016, Messoessence® presented the new concept, Medical Mesotherapy.

The market of the traditional Mesotherapy is immersed in a significant lack of definition of quality, safety and efficacy standards. It is a market that is permeated by very traditional products with little technological basis and little exigency in terms of safety and efficacy of treatments.

Medical Mesotherapy is a new concept that we incorporate into the market of Mesotherapy and that guarantees the pharmaceutical quality of the products. It is a concept of medical aesthetic therapy with products made with the pharmaceutical technique of filling of preparations for parenteral use, Current Lyo Aseptic Filling Practices (cLAFP).

cLAFP cosset the active principles of the product so that they do not suffer deterioration or destruction during the manufacturing process. The final product is not altered by thermal or radiation processes that are commonly used in the Mesotherapy market. The cLAFP process is innovative and gives the product safety and potent activity in aesthetic treatments.

We have verified that the Current Lyo Aseptic Filling Practices provides a product that faithfully preserves the development and technological basis for which it was conceived, that has great safety in terms of sterility and apyrogenicity, that presents an evident chemical stability unmatched with the traditional Mesotherapy products one and that, as a result, the patient receives intact and fresh active substances at the time of treatment.

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